Established in 1999 as a permanent forum for interparliamentary co-operation in space between the European national parliaments interest in space policy, it aims at facilitating the exchange of information on space activities and at promoting mutual understanding of national policies through the provision of a forum for analysing the major issues at stake in the European space sector.


XVI. EISC Conference – France 2014 

Bertrand Auban

Senator Bertrand Auban
  Co-Chairperson of EISC 2014    

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MP Chantal Berthelot
 Co-Chairperson of EISC 2014


Established in 1999, the European Inter-parliamentary Space Conference (EISC) fosters cooperation between national parliaments in Europe and an on-going dialogue on space policy issues. It also supports the efforts of national governments and the European Institutions with a view to develop a common European Space Policy.

As of 1 January 2014, the French Parliamentary Space Group has the honour of presiding over the 16th EISC session. This will be the third time it has done so since the establishment of EISC in 1999, at which time it also held the Presidency. It is equally with pleasure that I look forward to working side by side with the previous successful Belgium Presidency (2013) and the promising upcoming Spanish Presidency (2015), and would like to thank them for their support this year.

The theme chosen for this year’s Presidency is ‘Space and Growth’. With many current debates centred on economic issues, the Presidency wishes to look into the role of space in these matters, the relationship between space and economic growth, and the potential avenues to be explored by the space community. Space is an important asset for, not only governments, and the industry, but it is also indispensable to society and its citizens, particularly through the use of space applications.

In order to explore the topic, the Presidency will be organising two events in 2014: a workshop and a Plenary Session. The workshop, which will be held in Toulouse at the ‘Cité de l’espace’, on 14-16 April, will revolve around the theme `communication of cultural avenues for space’. The Plenary Session, will be held on 20-21 October, in Paris at the French Senate, and will look into, and adopt the avenues the space community could address within the framework of ‘Space and Economic Growth’.

The European Interparliamentary Space Conference represents an opportunity for parliamentarians to share knowledge, increase access to, and promote the importance of space, and I am confident that, once more, we will achieve these during the Presidency.

I look forward to collaborating with all EISC members at both the workshop and the Plenary, and it is with great pleasure that I will welcome you at both events in France.

With my sincerest greetings,

Bertrand Auban, and Chantal Berthelot

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