Established in 1999 as a permanent forum for interparliamentary co-operation in space between the European national parliaments interest in space policy, it aims at facilitating the exchange of information on space activities and at promoting mutual understanding of national policies through the provision of a forum for analysing the major issues at stake in the European space sector.


XVII. EISC Conference – SPAIN 2015 


Ovidio Sánchez Díaz
Chair of EISC,
Chairperson of the Space Parliamentary Group




Dear Madam, Dear Sir, 

Since January 1st, 2015, the Spanish Parliament holds the annual rotatory Presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC), thus taking over from the French Presidency.
For this reason, we decided to hold two meetings during this year: a workshop and a plenary session, both at the seat of the Congress of Deputies in Spain, being the main topic chosen “Space Governance”.
The preparatory workshop already took place on March 23 and 24. In this workshop, the evolution of space governance at European level was discussed, paying special attention to the shared competences granted by the Lisbon Treaty to the European Union, and to which is or should be its practical reflection in the new space programmes.
It is a great satisfaction, as Chairperson of the Space Parliamentary Group, to convey that the workshop was held in a very participatory and fruitful manner, thanks to the contribution of all those who attended, with a special thanks to the rapporteurs.
We continue working in this same line and we have scheduled the Plenary Session for September 21 and 22. On this occasion, the goal will be to discuss the governance of space sector at national level, with presentations on the different national legislations in this field, as well as its development possibilities for the benefit of citizens.
It is therefore a pleasure for me to invite you to take part in the XVII Plenary Sitting of the EISC to be held in Madrid on September 21 and 22, 2015. The agenda and the practical information will be available soon at the web Participants can register in a specific section of the said website.
I look forward to having again the chance to work with all EISC members, as well as to personally welcome you to Madrid on occasion of the meeting. 

Cordially yours, 

Ovidio Sánchez Díaz
Chairperson of the Space Parliamentary Group

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