Current Activities

XVIII. EISC Conference – ROMANIA 2016


Plenary Session - October 3-4, Bucharest, Romania



Workshop - April 18-19, Sinaia, Romania



Session I - Space and Global Societal Challenges 


Session II - Space Regulation and Policy: Are they holistic and comprehensive enough for stakeholders and citizens? 


Session III - Space Systems as Critical Infrastructure 


 Session IV - Security Research, Cyber security, Critical Infrastructure security 

  • ESA GovSatCom, Mr. Harald Hauschildt, Head of GovSatCom and Secure Communication Section - ESA
  • Eurisy, Mr. Stefaan De Mey – EURISY (Presented by Mr. Piero Messina, Strategy Department, European Space Agency)
  • Critical Space Systems and Infrastructure Protection, Mr. Marius Opran, Senior researcher, ROSA
  • Mr. Roberto Trigo Martinez, IPC Delegate at the European Space Agency, CDTI Space Programmes Department, Spain


Session V - Initiatives on space and security developed at national level 


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